January 22

Branding your Brand New Startup

This workshop covers the basics on Branding and successful content marketing strategies that sell.

This workshop will help you to:

  • Ensure greater confidence in your business decisions
  • Gain a better understanding of your true customer
  • Learn what your customers truly want from your content
  • Demonstrate clearer value to your audience
  • Discover the psychology behind buying behavior
  • Build better connections with your marketing outreach

About Gabriel

As a husband and wife team, I understand how a successful business is like a successful marriage — when different people discover their shared values they can make healthy and beneficial decisions to better the life of the other person. I help businesses look beyond products and services so they market effectively and establish the perfect marriage between a successful brand and successful people.

About Benu Creative

Tired of sacrificing time, money, and family with business strategies that aren’t working? By getting to know you and your business we help you develop a clear, focused path to reclaim your business and your life. Our personalized approach helps you to establish the right framework for ensuring clarity, unity, and retention with your teams and customers:

– Clarity – Gain confidence in business decisions with a clear direction

– Unity – Build a united company culture and a cohesive brand representation

– Retention – Establish loyalty and trust with your customers and your people


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Access Resources to Grow Your Business

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