January 9

Creating a Business for Good and a Profit

There is a growing business movement in Oregon helping build healthy and equitable communities. Entrepreneurs, Gen “Z,” Millennials, Boomers, small and midsize companies. The movement’s focus: the “Triple Bottom Line,” or People, Planet and Profit. These companies are called Benefit Companies, Benefit Corporations and B Corps and they believe and act differently than other businesses.

  • Learn about the business case for being a triple bottom line company
  • Hear about a July 2023 bill that gives some Oregon businesses a sustainable advantage for state contracts
  • Find out why it is gaining traction across the state and across the country
  • Understand the differences between a Benefit Company, Benefit Corporation and a B-Corp
  • Discover 3 compelling numbers that will clearly help you see the power of creating a business for good and for profit

Tom Hering is the Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Benefit Corporations for Good

Tom’s work is focused on growing the Benefit Company (Benefit Corporation) movement in Oregon. When he launched Benefit Corporations for Good (BCFG) in 2018, he realized the positive impact small businesses could have on their employees, their communities and their planet through commitment to a triple bottom line of People, Planet and Profit. Currently, BCFG has certified 80 businesses in 8 different states and one Canadian province with the majority of businesses headquartered in Oregon.

BCFG What is HB-3572 -2023

What is an Oregon Benefit Company

Why form Bennift Corp



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