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Kiva offers 0% interest, no fee, no collateral loans

Crowdfunded loans backed by millions of lenders and strategic partnerships like Umpqua Bank.

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Why Kiva?

Kiva US has facilitated over $50MM in business capital to over 8,000 entrepreneurs all over the US. Kiva exists to provide alternative forms of risk-tolerant capital to those typically excluded from mainstream financial systems.

Kiva offers 0% interest, no fee, no collateral loans

Crowdfunded loans backed by millions of lenders and strategic partnerships like Umpqua Bank. Loans range from $1,000 - $15,000 with up to 36 month terms.

How Kiva Works:

Apply online

Complete the online Kiva application process. This should take about 30 minutes.


Once qualified, begin fundraising by inviting your network to get you started.


Once public on, you'll have the support of 2 million lenders and strategic partners


As you repay, your lenders receive their funds back to lend again and continue the cycle.

How NEOEDD & Reinventing Rural Help:



We support CO.STARTERS program delivery throughout rural Oregon and the PNW.


We offer free tools to help create your business model, test your idea, and build a business plan.


We are with you every step of the way, before, during, and after you begin your Kiva loan process. 


We add credibility to our borrowers by vouching for their character, business, and impact.

Kiva Loans

About Kiva

Established in 2005 as the world's first personal micro-lending website, Kiva enables people around the globe to create financial opportunities for underserved entrepreneurs by lending as little as $25.

At Kiva US, we're bridging the gap between historically marginalized entrepreneurs and business capital. We facilitate no-fee, 0% interest loans to our borrows through millions of lenders and strategic partnerships.

Reinventing Rural is a Kiva Trustee

As a Kiva US Trustee, we are invested in the economic development in rural communities in rural Oregon and the PNW. We work with startups and small business entrepreneurs to help them better position themselves for success whether they are launching a new business or growing an existing one. When you apply for a Kiva US loan using our trustee link and gain our endorsement you gain a valuable partner who is with you every step of the way. As your trustee, we actively advocate for all our borrowers via "endorsements" to help you fully fund.

Kiva Loans

As a Trustee

A typical Kiva borrower not only needs capital, but also benefits from being connected to a network of available local resources and opportunities. As a trustee, we are invested in rural community economic development in many ways.

We're working with your rural community to ensure you have access to wrap-around services to start and scale your small business. We publicly vouch for borrowers we endorse and strive to make sure you are successful. While we have no financial liability for loans, our reputation is tied to our public profile.

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Join our Community of Lenders

The Reinventing Rural Kiva lending team is a community built around the common interest to support rural startups and small business entrepreneurs. When you join Kiva and the RR lending team you help show the collective impact we can make by rallying around shared lending goals.

As a team member, each of your individual loans counts towards the team's impact and demonstrates the power of peer-to-peer lending at its finest. Also, we'll let you know when rural businesses are approved for loans so you can help these entrepreneurs achieve their dream.