January 9

Licensing a Commercial Kitchen

Join us for a workshop with Erin Lockett the Food Safety program Manager for ODA. Erin will cover what ODA does and they can help with your start- up commercial kitchen.

Time for Q&As will be provided, so bring any questions you may have for Erin.

Erin come to ODA from the Bay Area ad brings a wide range of food safety experience. After earning a degree in Food Science and technology at UC Davis in California, Erin started her career as a QA Technician at Laura Chenel Chevre where she managed the firm’s quality systems. Then she joined Amy’s Kitchen, a family-owned privately held American food manufacturer where she worked as a manager in quality assurance and food safety. At Amy’s, Erin worked her way into a corporate management role before joining the senior management team at Good Eggs, a retail organic food warehouse supporting deliveries to customers in the Bay Area.


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