January 24

Market and Grow Your Business WITHOUT Social Media

Learn how to leverage the power of Word of Mouth in your rural community so you can develop a solid reputation, build a stand out brand, and increase sales.

Contact Gabriel: Benucreations.com


What our clients have to say:

“We’ve seen a lot of big changes working with Benu. One big blessing is that we have more staff stability. From the recruitment data Gabriel provided we were able to reallocate nearly $1,000 per month toward better, more effective means. Seven openings have now shrunk down to one or two. Our goal was one employee per month and we’ve met that. In a recent meeting we saw something we hadn’t seen in a long time–people’s demeanors have changed. Many were smiling instead of feeling like the world is on their shoulders. And there is more calm and peace in people. Now instead of just putting out fires, we are able to find ways to fix things.” See full case study

It’s only because of our relationship that I’ve been able to grow my business, close deals 10-25% higher than before, and land 5 additional clients this year. Not only has our relationship created a more fruitful operation of my business, but has extended into the time I invest in my family as well.” See full case study

“We’re no longer just a mobile coffee shop but with the work we did with Benu we were able to scale easily into a second brick and mortar location. Now I get to enjoy seeing families and people come in and enjoy the cozy comfort I always wanted to provide.” See full case study


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Access Resources to Grow Your Business

Access Resources to Grow Your Business

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