July 28

Tech Literacy


There are so many pieces of technology out there to master, it is difficult to get one’s head wrapped around it. Office suites, email, group messaging, website builders, social media aggregators, file sharing, data security, online shopping carts, accounting systems, client management systems, payment systems…the list goes on.

How do I know which one to choose? How do they work? Where do we learn to use them? Does my company even need that….digital thing?? It can make one just want to scream. 

Tech literacy is an important part of developing communities and organizations. Let’s first make sure that you and your organization have some resources to get the basics down. 

We will start with a great online resource from the Goodwill Community Foundation called GCF Learn Free. The site is full of free tutorials from the basics of looking for a job, to understanding what 3D printing is, to how to use computers and software. Below is an overview of most of the site topics.

Most of the tutorials have a combination of instructions and videos to walk the user through the task. The tutorials are made for any of who might have a question about a particular software or technology. The tutorials are excellent in most cases and I highly recommend them. I have used the Excel tutorials for both classroom and corporate training. Oh and yes, they are all free.

I would encourage you to look at the resource for yourself, your family, your company or your community. There is always something you can pick up that could be useful. Maybe you or your staff need to sharpen your Excel skills or get a better idea of how to collaborate with Google Docs, check out a tutorial and be informed!

We will continue to post info on resources understanding and learning technology as we go forward. This is a great start but there is much more out there to support you and your organization.


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