July 28

Welcome to the “Starting a Business” topic!


Starting a business can be some combination of scary, exciting, foreboding, fun, insanity, and just plain hard work. This may not be everyone’s thing. But if it is your thing, or you think you would like it to be your thing, then dive in here. 

We will post practical thoughts, information, workshops, and tools that pertain to starting a business in a rural community. We will sift through everything that is out there and figure out what fits best for this community of people. We will try our best to answer questions and give good advice.

When one searches for “startup” information, often we are taken to a page that talks about tech startups or startups that are pitching for millions of dollars in funding. That is not how it works for most of us. We might have an idea for a business, we wonder if it is a good one, and we wonder if we should try to start it. We don’t need millions of dollars, but we probably could use some cash to get it started. 

It could be an ice cream store, car repair, accounting office, app idea, culinary robot or a better mousetrap. Any of these and so many more could be great businesses to start. Many things are possible in rural business. It is just up to you to find out if there are enough customers out there who want what you are going to provide to make the business work. If so, then you have to figure out how to start it, reach those customers and run it.

We will help you along this path in any way we can. We will try to connect you to the right resources along the way. None of the storied entrepreneurs that we read about did it alone, they all had help along the way.

Come along for the ride, it may be bumpy, but you never know what is possible unless you get onboard.


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