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Reinventing Rural brings you the magic of CO.STARTERS to your rural community so that you can build a locally-driven vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. We ensure you develop pipelines of support for your starters at every stage of their journey.


CO.STARTERS didn't come out of some big city or  University where terms like "Angel Investor," "Venture Capital," and "Unicorn" are used. CO.STARTERS  grew from a recognized need in Chattanooga, Tennessee where artists, creators, makers, and others needed better support to start and grow businesses that benefit Main Street and not Wall Street. CO.STARTERS blends extensive knowledge from years of non-traditional business support with the most effective high-growth startup methods used today to support starters who create jobs in your communities.

What we do

Turn passion into thriving business

Reinventing Rural + CO.STARTERS supports your work at the intersection of economic and community development to help individuals and communities thrive through entrepreneurship. 

What began as a transformation story on local Main Street has grown from a program, to a company, to a global community and network with a growing list of offerings.

Reinventing Rural helps bring CO.STARTERS to your rural community. We support you, as you grow and build your own, locally driven culture of innovation.

Read More About The CO.STARTERS Story

Beginning in 2008 in Chattanooga, Tennessee as part of a five-year Main Street revitalization effort, we recognized a growing need to provide business support to artists, creatives, and others who didn’t fit traditional models. In response, we adapted existing business planning resources to serve groups of people interested in launching or refining creative businesses.  

We set out to create something intentionally and completely new— something with a new mindset not focused on scarcity or exclusion, but on need and value. While providing this kind of business support was incredibly valuable, the connection and community resulting from the program were often the most beneficial aspects.

Over the first four years in Chattanooga, more than 1,000 people went through the program. The local work grew to support not only small businesses, but also high-growth startups.

Through our early work with creative entrepreneurs we found that business support combined with community building led to significant transformation and unlocked potential. We wondered, how could we make this happen everywhere?

CO.STARTERS launched nationally in 2013, packaging the best of our learnings from years of small business support and melding it with the most effective high-growth startup methods—all grounded in a community context.

Today the CO.STARTERS network consists of communities all over the country and spreading around the world, with thousands participating in its programs annually.

core program

core program

Start building your thriving business

CO.STARTERS Core is a three-month, cohort-based program that equips aspiring entrepreneurs with the insights, relationships, and tools needed to turn ideas into action and turn a passion into a sustainable and thriving endeavor.

co.starters rebuild program

Refocus. Stabilize. Recover.

CO.STARTERS Rebuild is a live-facilitated, 10-session program that helps entrepreneurs impacted by crisis refocus their business models, stabilize, and build toward long-term recovery. Working with a dedicated group of like minded peers, participants cover topics relevant to the current COVID-19 challenges in a series of ten 2.5-hour sessions.


During the 2020 global pandemic, CO.STARTERS helped entrepreneurs start new projects or pivot their existing businesses to thrive with changing circumstances

CO.STARTERS equips individuals and communities to thrive through entrepreneurship.

Transformation by focusing on real community needs - jobs, revitalization, and growth opportunities for local talent.