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Getting ready to apply

How the process works:

Write Business plan

Collaborate with our team through Idea Buddy to create your business plan, or simply submit your existing comprehensive plan, which should include financials.

Our team will review your plan and make sugestions if needed 

Submit Profile information

Loan Profile (Public Profile)
  • Loan use tagline*
  • Personal story*
  • Business story*
  • Loan use description*
  • Itemized cost list for loan use
  • Photo*

Our team will assess submittal and connect you with our professional writer to ensure your Kiva Profile is dynamic and attracts leaders.

 application  Link

We will provide you with a private trustee link. We add credibility to our borrowers by vouching for their character, business, and impact. Before endorsing a borrower, a Trustee are confident that the borrower has done the work to be successful and that they are committed to repaying the loan.

apply for your loan

After you have applied you will recieve an application number. You need to provide the number to our team for the endorsement to be placed on your Public Profile.

Watch your email for any question Kiva might have on your application. When approved you will receive a prefunding link please share this link out as to get your prfunding done as soon as possible

Loan information you will need to start to gather

Personal Financial Information
  • Full name* 
  • Total average monthly household 
  • Birthdate*
  • Home address* 
  • Gender
  • Level of Education
  • Ethnicty
  • Financial Dependents
Minimun Eligibility
  • Business address*
  • Bankruptcy reporting
  • Previous convictions reporting
  • Paypal Account
General Loan Information 
  • Loan amount requested
  • Loan uses
  • Repayment plans
General Business Information
  • General Business Information
  • Business name*
  • Business address*
  • Years in operation*
  • Number of employees*
  • Business industry*
  • Legal status*
  • Previous financing*
  • Business websites/social media
Enter your Personal Financial Information
  • Total average monthly household
    income over the last 12 months*
  • Monthly personal household
    payments (rent/mortgage,
    alimony/child support, loans, credit card
    payments, payments on debt)*
Business Financial Information

  • Separated finances
  • Monthly business revenue*
  • Monthly business payments
    (rent/mortgage, employee salaries, loan
    payments, credit card payments,
    payments on debt, purchasing of
    equipment/goods, balance in savings
    accounts, overdrawn accounts/check
Credit History
  • Credit score
  • Past due debt
Loan Profile (Public Profile)
  • Loan use tagline*
  • Personal story*
  • Business story*
  • Loan use description*
  • Itemized cost list for loan use
  • Photo*


7 easy steps to successfully crowd-lend your loan:

Start With a High-Quality Profile

Your narrative section is your pitch to your potential lenders. Between your photo, optional video, and write-up, you have to convince your community and the Kiva community to believe in you and your business. Look over loans that are actively funding in the U.S. right now here and check out the this link for a Profile guide for tips on how to craft an effective narrative section. 

Prep Your Local Community Before Your Loan is Posted

Your community is more likely to lend to you if they already know what Kiva is. Before your loan is posted (while you’re working on your application and when it’s in review) tell your family and friends about Kiva. Have them check out the website and news articles, so when the time comes they already have the information they need to feel comfortable lending to you. 

Create an Artificial Deadline

While you have 15 days during Private Funding, the faster you get your community on, the faster and more successfully the loan funds in Public. This also helps to avoid trouble with last-minute tech problems and forgetful family members. Try saying “I need my community to lend by X date, but my personal goal is to get everyone on by Y date. Will you help support my loan?” 

List Your Private Lenders

Write down the names of people you can count on to lend you $25 on Kiva. Ask them to lend to you and check them off as they do. You can download this form and use it to keep track of your lenders and who you've contacted. 

Being Personal is Better

It’s good to have a wide range of outreach on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Yet you can’t rely only on blanket status updates to draw people into action. Post on Facebook, send personal messages and emails, make phone calls, Skype, and talk to people in person. Make sure to stress that you need their help to show support for your business, that it is a loan, not a donation. 

Ask For Support, Then Follow Up

Your language is important. Stress that it is a character reference in the form for a small loan, and as a loan (not a donation), they will get their money back as you repay your loan. Make sure you ask your community members if they will support your loan and share your loan link. Once they say yes, ask when they will support your loan, and then follow up with them on that day. The more specific you can get to pledge, the more likely they will follow through (for example, someone who says “I will lend to your Kiva loan on Wednesday when I get home from work” is more likely to lend than someone who just says “Sure, I’ll lend”).

Frequently Thank and Update Your Community

Every time someone lends to you, they are showing their support for you and your business. Each time you reach a milestone, thank those who have helped you so far. Update your community about your progress, and send out a call to action. Kiva has even made it easy for you to update your lenders all at once, check out our guide on How to update your lenders on your borrower portal!

Kiva Loans

As a Trustee

A typical Kiva borrower not only needs capital, but also benefits from being connected to a network of available local resources and opportunities. As a trustee, we are invested in rural community economic development in many ways.

We're working with your rural community to ensure you have access to wrap-around services to start and scale your small business. We publicly vouch for borrowers we endorse and strive to make sure you are successful. While we have no financial liability for loans, our reputation is tied to our public profile.

kiva loans

Join our Community of Lenders

The Reinventing Rural Kiva lending team is a community built around the common interest to support rural startups and small business entrepreneurs. When you join Kiva and the RR lending team you help show the collective impact we can make by rallying around shared lending goals.

As a team member, each of your individual loans counts towards the team's impact and demonstrates the power of peer-to-peer lending at its finest. Also, we'll let you know when rural businesses are approved for loans so you can help these entrepreneurs achieve their dream.